Jul 30, 2018 19

innovator 300


The Innovator has ideal organization for quick access to anything you need, at any time.

 With its modular ability, you can set it up exactly the way you need it.  

Meal management made simple, portable and badass.

Travel effortlessly with more than 3 meals, water bottles, snacks, sports nutrition products and supplements.


Made with super tough and waterresistant Endurapoly exterior, high quality leak proof containers and complete insulation, the Innovator 300 can handle the busy life of an athlete.


Top-Level Functionality and the iconic Six Pack Fitness aesthetic make this bag a must-have for top fitness athletes. Every detail, from zipper pulls to the custom liner are designed with you in mind.

Beyond amazing!!!!!!! I purchase 2 of these one for me and another for a bodybuilder friend of mine the quality of the bag is extremely good, the containers also, the best way to keep yourself organized all time, if you are a gym addict here is your solution

Review by Michael Barry Posted on12/1/18 

I love this bag. It has an awesome size, and it is very well built. I usually use two of the trays it comes with; one for my actual lunch and the other for fruit. This leaves space for 8 16oz plastic water bottles, my daily vitamins, my two small funnels for my protein and greens/fiber.

Review by Tera Porter Posted on10/1/18