Mar 21, 2016 649

Manisha  Raju - My Story

I am an Indian artist based in Chennai, my art journey grew up in Cholamandal Artist village, where I have been nearly for 20 years.

I enjoy working in Acrylic, Pastels and watercolor medium; among these pastels are my most favorites.

My expression process is through figuration with well-defined forms, unique matrix of subtle tonal variation and minimalist contributing elements. Each developing form on the confined surface offers me relative space, where actual form & empty space around, negotiate relatively and adds meaning to the space.

My Process

A human being is a part of the whole, universe. It is limited to time and space. We experience thoughts, our feelings and ourselves as something separate from the rest.

My journey for spirituality is through Art: my paintings, this is the best way to explore myself and express.