Aug 22, 2018 0

Modern Staircase - LA Home

“We were introduced to Cali Bamboo products at One Tuscany Realty about four years ago for a commercial space we did in West Hollywood and we got so many accolades from it that we started using it in residential applications as well. It’s just such a neat product because the aesthetics combined with the wearability you really can’t find anywhere else. We liked Cali Bamboo products so much that we decided to use it in our own home here in Playa del Rey. We love the Java product because it’s a warm brown that really goes with just about everything. As a custom home builder and spec builder, we’re always looking for products that are as durable as they are beautiful and we found that with Cali Bamboo products over the years and we’re expecting that continued durability and wear for years to come.”

- Don

Playa del Rey, CA