Nov 30, 2015 733

The highlands of Iceland are home to the largest area of untouched wilderness in Europe. Help protect it!

From the amazing photographer, Chris Burkard.

"We need your HELP!

I have never considered myself an Activist. But I humbly ask for your support to protect a place that I love. A place that has brought so much joy into my life as a photographer, and possibly even yours if you have been inspired by my images or visited this place for yourself.

The highlands region of Iceland is home to the largest area of untouched wilderness in Europe. Pristine glacial rivers, Waterfalls, Mountains, Lakes, Volcanoes and Glaciers. It is the HEART of the country. The dirt roads and hiking trails that lead you there, feel like a right of passage to a magical realm. The idea of putting power lines, paved roads, and Dams in this area for exported energy makes my heart ache...

This land can't speak for itself, But you can. If you have been there, share a photo from your trip or share this one in hopes to keep this inspiring place pristine.

In a few quick thumb movements you could help turn this place into a national park. I would never ask people to follow me blindly, so please do your own research and if you want to stand with me please check my profile link 👉🏼 and sign the petition ... Let's make this place a National Park."

Chris Burkard is an American self-taught photographer and artist, based in California Central Coast region. Burkard’s work is layered by landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor and travel subjects.

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